Cinematographer and daily taco eater.

I’ll connect with you over creative ideas, drumming, American tattoo history, skateboarding, ethical business, mental health, and I might even ruin a movie or two by telling you how it was filmed. Only because I love the things that impact the world. I want to impact the world too. With people. With you.

My Background!

My name is Benjamin Atchley (but my friends just call me Ben). Some of my first memories holding a camera were in elementary school when my parents gave my brother and I an RCA Small Wonder camcorder. I quickly fell in love with documenting life on film. My friends and I would create videos about skateboarding one day and the zombie apocalypse the next. It’s amazing how our childhood has an impact on our careers.

What can I help you achieve?

Corporate Videos | Music Videos | Promo Videos | Photography Sessions

Brands I’ve Worked With
Programs I use
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Audition
  • Adobe Lightroom
Things I’m Bad At
  • Soccer
  • Backflips
  • Signing My Name
  • Drinking Hot Coffee
Things I’m Good At
  • Eating Food
  • Skateboarding (jk I wish)
  • Playing Drums
  • Having Fun