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Freelance Videographer - Riverside, CA | Benjamin Atchley Creative

My True Passion

Telling stories and enjoying the process

I love stories and how they are told and we all have to do our part to impact the world, right? So what’s your story? Where are you headed? Media is my way of telling those stories because good stories are about people.

Ben is one of the best people I have EVER hired. He's a phenomenal editor and cinematographer and puts so much of himself into his work it's unbelievable. He's incredibly hard working and I love contracting him work. I can't wait to work with him again!

Max SossanCEO, Lions & Legacy

I work in an industry surrounded by talented people... but Ben is the type of person that other talented people look at and go, "Man... I wish I could do what that guy does." More than being an insanely good creative, I think his greatest trait is that he listens. He takes note of what you're saying, who you are, and what your vision is and then implements it into his work. He is continually educating himself to get better and he sees things that most others don't. Get him on your project. Love, love, love Ben Atchley!

John RowaPresident, Lemonade Stand

I shot a wedding with Ben a couple of months ago and having him by my side was truly a blessing. He carried himself in a professional manner while delivering such clean photos. He managed to get killer secondary shots, as well as helped me coach the bride and groom during the couples intimate session. He did an exceptional job and I would definitely choose to shoot with him again!

Raymond AlvaPhotographer, Raymond Alva Photo