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Freelance Videographer - Riverside, CA | Benjamin Atchley Creative

Benjamin Atchley

Cinematographer and Twitch Streamer

Like many kids, I started gaming at a young age. My days were spent on the glorious Nintendo 64 playing Golden Eye slapping the shit out of friends. Of course don't forget Mario Kart! From Sega, to the Playstation 2, to the Nintendo DS, I loved gaming as a kid. Once I got an Xbox 360 it was game over. As soon as I got my hands on Halo 3 and Call of Duty Modern Warfare I took things to another level. I started joining clans where we would have regular training hours and competitions every weekend. I remember I was in the top 100 players on Call of Duty Black Ops before it was all botted out. Moral of the story is that I love playing video games and I love entertaining and making content. I hope all of my content inspires people to go out into the world and make it better than they found it.
Freelance Videographer - Riverside, CA | Benjamin Atchley Creative

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You'd be surprised to know that I actually don't stream for a living. I actually am a video creator that works full time for a marketing agency. I do freelance photo and video work on the side under the brand Benjamin Atchley Creative. You can also find me at the occasional side job on set in LA.

Cinematographer and daily taco eater.

I’ll connect with you over creative ideas, drumming, American tattoo history, skateboarding, ethical business, mental health, and I might even ruin a movie or two by telling you how it was filmed.